Water-logging still worries the people of the port city

May 28, 2010

Despite various initiatives water-logging still causes immense sufferings to the residents of the port city in most of the areas especially during the rainy reason.
The dwellers of low-lying Bakalia, Chaktai, Chawkbazar, Bahaddarhat and Khatoonganj areas are the worst sufferers of this problem. Even after  moderate  shower, rainwater inundates all the roads and submerges ground floors of  many dwelling houses, shops , educational institutions and other establishements of these places, locals complained.
They blamed their woes on the  poor and defective drainage system in the city. Though the drains and canals including the Chaktai  have been excavated and re-excavated several   times in the past the problem of water-logging  still persists to the sufferings of the people. The efforts of the government, Chittagong City Corporation and  the Chittagong Development Authority to reform  the Chaktai canal, the city’s main water carrying outlet, have not been able to solve the water-logging problem fully. Throwing of garbage indiscriminately, building of infrastructures on both  sides of this and other canals and bamboo pilings haphazardly for various purposes have narrowed down the breadth of the canals obstructing the normal flow of rain  and waste water, according to them.
The inhabitants of  most of the areas of the port city are apprehending that the problem will assume a serious proportion when the monsoon will start in full swing  and it is not far off. They called upon the concerned authorities to take   adequate preparations to address this menace.

Courtesy of The Independent

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