Textile mill, tannery fined for pollution

August 31, 2010

The Department of Environment (DoE) yesterday fined a textile mill and a leather tannery a sum of Tk 40.60 lakh in the city’s Kalurghat Industrial area for polluting the river Karnaphuli with untreated chemical wastes.
A team from the DoE led by Munir Chowdhury, director of monitoring and enforcement took the action during an anti-pollution drive.
The team fined Messrs Base Textile Mills Limited a sum of Tk 32 lakh for grossly violating the environmental laws by not setting up an effluent treatment plant (ETP) despite having been repeatedly notified by the DOE.
To lower operational costs, the company discharged untreated chemical wastes to a nearby canal through which the pollutants end up in the river.
“The mill didn’t obtain DoE clearance or set up the ETP, though notices were issued to them,” said Munir Chowdhury.
During the drive, the team conducted tests on samples of liquid wastes and found the amount of toxic substances far beyond the acceptable level set by the government.
“The factory discharged around 100,000 cubic-metres of untreated liquid wastes over the last 12 years,” said Munir.
However, they promised to set up ETP by December this year.
The same team from DOE also fined Reaf Leather Limited a sum of Tk. 8.60 lakh for not using the ETP effectively.
They found the tannery discharging untreated liquid wastes into the canal through the drain.

Courtesy of The Daily STar

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