Stalker hacks man over protest

January 31, 2011

A stalker hacked a college teacher after he had protested at the harassment of his daughter at Nishindhara Paikpara in the Bogra district headquarters on Sunday afternoon.
The critically injured Akterul Alam, 44, a lecturer in chemistry at Nishindhara Fakir Uddin School and College, was admitted to Shahid Zia Medical College Hospital.
Akterul said that Shakil Ahmed had harassed his daughter, scheduled to take the Secondary School Certificate exams this year, for three months.
‘Shakil harassed my daughter on her way to school several times. Shakil was caught when he was trying to snatch the schoolbag on her way home a month ago. We later released him after his parents gave an undertaking that he would no longer harass my daughter. Shakil then attacked me with a large knife when I was returning home about 3:00pm,’ Akterul said.
Local people sent him to hospital, witnesses said.
No case was filed in this regard till about 8:00pm.


Via: New Age

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