Rains cause misery to people’s life

June 30, 2013

Monsoon rains continued to play havoc with the people’s life, flooding south eastern parts of the country. In Dhaka, there had been 141 mm of rains during the past 30 hours ending at 6 pm on Saturday with 56mm showers on the day between 6am till 6pm, widely disrupting normal life.
The overnight showers in regular intervals caused inundation in many areas of the capital with clogged drains unable to clear the excess water.
The rainy day made it difficult for the people to cope with their daily routine, including visiting the kitchen markets, where puddles of water and mud slimes made it difficult to negotiate for many. The day belonged to the rickshaw peddlers and CNG run auto-rickshaw drivers, hiking their rents arbitrarily, causing inconvenience to the people to cope with the situation.
The rains, however, would continue for another two to three days and start waning to revive again, gaining momentum from an active monsoon across the country, a senior meteorologist said on Saturday.
The met office also warned of heavy falls during the next 24 hours beginning at 10am on Saturday at places over Khulna, Barisal, Chittagong, Dhaka and Sylhet divisions. At the same time the met office also warned of hill slides in the hilly areas of the Chittagong division.
During the past 30 hours since 6 am Friday till 6 pm Saturday, Cox’s Bazar recorded 349mm of rains, flooding the low lying areas of the district causing havoc with the life of the people. The met office meanwhile, warned that heavy rains are likely. In Teknaf to the south eastern tip of the country along the coast, recorded 295 mm rains during the period.
Similarly Kutubdia island off Cox’s Bazar also recorded 311mm of rains, forcing many islanders taking shelters in the embankments. The monsoon precipitations continued since Friday also caused havoc in the life of people in Chittagong city, flooding streets and homes of people. The rains totalled 140 mm in 30 hours in the pot city causing water logging due to poor drainage system in the port city with its canals choked by encroachers.
Meanwhile, an active monsoon along with formation of convective clouds in the Bay of Bengal left the north Bay choppy.

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