Private coaching challenged

October 18, 2011

The High Court on Monday issued a rule asking the government to explain within four weeks why it should not be directed to take appropriate step to prohibit coaching business by  MPO registered teachers and government teachers.
It also issued rule asking the government why it should not be directed to publish a gazette notification prohibiting the private coaching in the country.
Upon a Public Interest Litigation writ petition, the HC bench comprising Justice Farid Ahmed and Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif issued the rule.
Ziaul Kabir Dulu, president of Ovivabak Okkay Forum, filed the writ petition seeking HC directive to eradicate the coaching business from the country.
A total of 20 officials including secretaries of cabinet, education, prime minister, law and parliament have been made respondents to reply to the rule within four weeks.
The petitioner said most of the teachers of schools and colleges were involved with coaching centres, which is lowering the quality of education in the educational institutions. Dulu said that if the coaching centres would not be banned the quality of the educational institutions would be turn downed day after day. The government should take initiative to ban the coaching centres considering the importance of the quality of the educational institutions, he added.
Advocate Assaduzzaman Siddique appeared for the petitioner.

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