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June 30, 2010

Rajuk won’t allow unregistered realtors to develop plots, build apartments
Private land developers and real estate companies, who are not registered with Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk), will not get its approval for developing plots and constructing apartments from July 1.
Only nine, out of 728 members of Real Estate Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB), have so far applied for registration in prescribed forms as the authority made it mandatory before June 30, officials said.
They said there are around 1,500 other private companies, who are neither members of REHAB and nor affiliated with Rajuk.
The capital development authority asked private land developers and real estate companies to get enlisted with it as per the Dhaka Metropolitan Building (construction, development, preservation and removal) Rules, 2008.
Rajuk Chairman Engineer Md Nurul Huda told BSS that registration of private land developers have been made mandatory to provide planned building construction services to the city dwellers by implementing the country’s existing building code.
Real estate companies and other private land developers, who are still out of Rajuk enlistment, he said, would not get any approval from now on for making plots and constructing apartments in the metropolitan area.
Nurul Huda said, “We have already published cautionary notices for prospective buyers of plots and apartments and asked them to confirm first whether the real estate companies have Rajuk registration.”
The Rajuk chairman said, “We want to bring all land developers under the laws but those who will not abide by the rules and resolution of the capital development authority should pay more for their misdeeds.”
After July 1, he said, the land developers who would come for registration should pay late fee for enlistment. Initially, Taka 5,000 was fixed for registration to bring private land developers under a same umbrella.
About press and private TV, the Rajuk chairman said a section of real estate developers and housing companies are giving attractive advertisements about plots and apartments of different projects having no approval from Rajuk.
He said real estate companies are misleading the buyers by publishing ‘entrepreneur registration number’ without mentioning the specific number of the project approval given by the Rajuk.
To avoid accident and risk, Nurul Huda, also an additional secretary of the government, asked all to know about the plan approval of the home or flat before buying or renting it.
The Rajuk chief said city dwellers have been asked to contact the urban planning department of the capital development authority to get any information about the approval of plots and apartments before buying them from private land developers and real estate and housing companies.

Courtesy of BSS via The Daily Star

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