No promotion without exams for 8th graders

September 25, 2020

Decide all edn boards
Education boards yesterday decided that school authorities should hold assessments to graduate eighth grade students to the next grade and there should be no scope for promotion without examinations.
They also said that assessments can be done through physical exams, online tests, online classes, TV education, or through students’ continuous assessment based on how much of the syllabi were covered before the closure of schools.
The boards took this decision as the government cancelled this year’s Junior School Certificate (JSC) and equivalent exams for class VIII students in late August due to the Covid-19 situation.
All educational institutions have been closed since March 17 in a bid to stem the spread of coronavirus, and the closure was extended till October 3.
“There is no scope of auto promotions. There should be some kind of assessment for eighth grade students at schools,” Dhaka Education Board Chairman Ziaul Haque told reporters after a meeting at his board office yesterday afternoon.
Chairmen of all 11 education boards were present at the meeting.
Ziaul, also chairman of inter-education board coordination sub-committee, said the Bangladesh Examination Development Unit will formulate a guideline on the assessments, adding that school authorities, if possible, will hold physical exams or they can also hold online tests. “If neither of these options are available to them, teachers can have continuous assessment based on the performance of students.”
Around two million students were expected to take the JSC and equivalent exams in November.
He said the assessments, if taken on how much of the syllabi were completed till March 15, should be taken through television education via Sangshad TV and online classes taken by school authorities.
“If some chapters or topics of a subject remain uncovered during this year, those will be added to the class nine syllabi,” Ziaul said.
Regarding exams of grades six and seven students, he said the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education and National Curriculum and Textbook Board will frame a guideline.
Several board chairmen, who attended the meeting, confirmed that no decision regarding postponement of Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and its equivalent examinations was taken.
The exams slated for April 1 were postponed on March 22 for an indefinite period due to the pandemic. About 13 lakh students are expected to take the exams.
“The decision regarding HSC exams depends on many factors and the government high-ups will take it,” said a board chairman.
“We have discussed completing all preparations for HSC exams, so that we can take the exam as soon as the government makes a decision in this regard,” said another.
Meanwhile, Ziaul declined making any comments regarding the HSC exams.

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