Mistakes in question paper confuse examinees

July 31, 2010

Mistakes in question paper confuse examinees
The question paper of the 30th Bangladesh Civil Service preliminary examination, held throughout the country on Friday, contained eight mistakes in one of the sets which created a lot of confusion among the examinees.
After the preliminary test, examinees who obtained the B set of English question papers were very confused as the accurate answer of one was missing and six questions were not preceded by a sentence which told the students what was wanted.
Many examinees also alleged that there were no accurate answers given for the question number 79 of the set, as it seeks the opposite word of ‘amicable’ and the options were: (A) Interesting; (B) loving; (C) affectionate; and (D) friendly, which are all synonyms, not antonyms, of ‘amicable’.
In the question paper of the B set whose ‘code’ is Makar, ‘Of the four alternatives given under each sentence, find the one that best fits into the blank space’ was written before the question 62 and 63, but there was no indication of what was wanted before question 63.
There was also no indication of what was wanted before question no 70.
‘One of the four sentences given in each question is grammatically wrong. That alternative is your answer’ was written before the questions 71, 72 and 73, but in reality questions of 72 and 73 were for the filling in the blanks.
When Saadat Hossain, chairman of the Public Service Commission, was contacted, he said that he had not seen the questions but would check them on Sunday morning, and then after consulting the question moderator and his colleagues would decide what to do. He told New Age that the decision would not go against the interest of the examinees.
‘Everything was fine but after seeing the questions for English I found myself in deep confusion and felt helpless and did not answer those questions’ Munibur Rahman Shovon, a Dhaka University student and BCS examinee, told New Age.
Shajalal Shaju another examinee, blasted the Public Service Commission. ‘Doesn’t the PSC scrutinise the question papers?’ he asked.
The exams were held from 10:00 to 11:00am yesterday at 110 centres in the six divisional headquarters of Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal and Sylhet.
According to the Bangladesh Public Service Commission, about 1,47,988 applicants were sitting for the exams for 2,572 posts in three cadres.
Of the posts, 831 are ‘general’ posts, 1,685 are for ‘professional’ posts and 56 are ‘subject-based’ posts.
The PSC announced the exams on March 9 and the date was declared on June 29.

Courtesy of NewAge

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