Manpower export, remittance fall as major markets closed

August 31, 2010

Country’s manpower export has significantly declined over the year alongside the reduction of remittance earnings during the last couple of months, statistics show.
The reduction of manpower export is as high as 20 per cent as 231,171 jobseekers went abroad during the last seven months against 288,925 in corresponding previous year.
A total of 832,609 people went abroad in 2007 to find jobs while 875,055 found jobs in 2008. The manpower export reduced by nearly fifty per cent to 475,278 in 2009.
Officials at the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare said that the global meltdown has caused drastic reduction of manpower export. But they couldn’t specify the reason of manpower export fall in 2010.
Stakeholders said that dependency on traditional export markets is the reason of the continuous fall. Export may decline further if new export destinations are not explored.
General Secretary of the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) Ali Haider said that manpower export fell gradually as traditional markets are closed. Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Kuwait and Qatar, the Middle Eastern countries are main market of Bangladesh’s manpower export.
Future of the manpower export of Bangladesh is depending on these markets. Manpower export will increase once these markets are opened, he said.
Bureau of Manpower and Expatriate Training (BMET) Director general Khorshed Alam Chowdhury said the Government is trying its best to open the closed markets. Besides, efforts are on to find out new markets.
The foreign missions are asked to find out new markets so that manpower export can be raised.
He hoped that export will be increased during next few months of the present year.
Statistics show that remittance earnings also declined during the last couple of months.
Remittance inflow in January this year was 6587.68 crore which reduced to 5736.93 crore which in june went to 6,178 crore and 5879 croroe in July.


Courtesy of The New Nation

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