Hasina critical of demonstration at Shaheed Minar

August 31, 2011

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was critical of the people who staged demonstration at the Central Shaheed Minar on Wednesday instead of going home to celebrate the Eid.
“How much time would have needed to go their village homes?” she posed the question while exchanging greetings with reporters alongside her scheduled program for exchanging the Eid greetings with cross-section of the people at Ganobhaban.
Responding to a question, Hasina said: “The people who are staging demonstration at Shaheed Minar did not go to their village homes. How could they know it was not possible to go to their village homes?”
She said if these people start now they would be able to reach their villages within couple of hours. “This is not right to make sweeping comments without knowing anything.”
Regarding the demonstration at the Shaheed Minar under the banner of ‘Students-Teachers-Professionals’, Hasina said: “My question whether the other people failed to reach their village homes? I must say this time round the people went to their villages for celebration in better condition than the previous times.”
She expressed the hope that the people who went to their village homes would return safely to their respective places.
About the dilapidated condition of roads and highways, Hasina said it was not the “fault” of her government. “Rather, the governments who had been in power since 2001 are responsible for such condition of the roads.”
She said it was her government that had created a separate fund and allocated Tk 1400 crore just for repairing roads and highways across the country. “The works will be started during the dry season.’
Replying to another question about the planned movement of the opposition after the Eid, the PM wondered about the issues. She said: “People are well, what will be their issue. Don’t they want to let the people to lead their lives peacefully?”
Hasina also questioned about what the opposition wants to do. “Do they want to loot the money of orphans and siphon the money? Involve in grenade attacks and corruption, and then want there won’t be any trial for their evil deeds. Trial must be held for such activities,” she said.
She said the prime target of the government is to combat terrorism and corruption. The government is working ceaselessly with sincerity and honesty to build a happy, poverty-free modern nation.
Congratulating the countrymen on the occasion of the Eid-ul-Fitr, Hasina said the government’s aim is to serve the people and mitigate their sufferings. “We remain alert about the problems and we would solve those one by one, Insha-Allah.”
She said the government has been providing subsidy on fuel, electricity and food grains so that people can lead a better life.
Hasina said the government is continuing to provide food grains to the poor through VGF, VGD and fair price cards so that they do not suffer.
She listed the government steps to control price-hike of essentials and said the prices of essentials have increased across the world due to global economic meltdown.
The PM expressed satisfaction that people have been able to celebrate the Eid peacefully with their near and dear ones “due to the timely steps taken by the government for repairing the damaged roads.”
She further said that for the development of the communication system, the government has laid emphasis on railways and waterways, alongside developing the roadways.
A large number of buses have been purchased for the state-owned Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) to facilitate transportation of the common people, she added.
Expressing satisfaction over the law and order situation during the holy month of Ramadan, Hasina said the people especially in the capital were seen busy in doing shopping till late at night and returned to their homes safely due to excellent law and order situation.
She thanked the members of the law enforcement agencies for maintaining the law and order across the country during the crucial period.


Courtesy of UNB/The Daily Star

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