Govt to be forced out if polls not held under CG: Khaleda

August 31, 2011

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Wednesday said the next election must be held under the system of caretaker government; otherwise, the government will be forced to quit.
She said the entire country is ready for movement and different political parties that have contacted with BNP want movement to restore democracy in the country.
Khaleda made the remarks while talking to reporters after hosting the Eid reception at the Ladies’ Club in the city from 11:30am to 1:00pm.
The opposition leader first exchanged Eid greetings with ambassadors and high commissioners representing different countries.
Later, she exchanged greetings with leaders of different political parties and professions as well as leaders and workers of BNP and its front and associate organisations.
“Whatever changes brought to the constitution, election won’t be held under the ruling party. The election will definitely be held under the caretaker government,” Khaleda said, adding that otherwise, no election will take place in the country and the government will have to quit.
She reiterated that the ant-government movement would be launched after the Eid and urged the people to join it to save them from the “oppressive” government.
The BNP chairperson said the movement will be organised “not just to go to power but to protect the country and ensure peace and security.”
Replying to a question about the next course of action, she said her party and other political parties will hold meetings individually and collectively to chalk out next programs.
She said: “People are celebrating the Eid-ul-Fitr without joy as they are in distress for want of work and without two square meals a day… the country is now afflicted by anarchy, terrorism and plundering.”
Khaleda alleged that the ruling party men including its lawmakers and ministers are engaged in rampant plundering while the government is not taking any action against them; rather, the government is sponsoring this.
Referring to Weekly The Economists’ recent reports, she said it has divulged how the ruling party came to power without people’s vote but through sacks of money from abroad and understanding with Moeenuddin-Fakhruddin.
The sacks of money were given by those to fulfill their own interests and they are taking away everything from Bangladesh, she said.
The opposition leader said people of Bangladesh want good relation and friendship with all countries on the basis of equality and dignity.
She said Bangladesh is getting nothing (from India) and losing everything.
The former prime minister said Bangladesh will definitely provide something (to India) in exchange of something.
She came down heavily on regular killing of the people in road accidents due to bad shape of roads and highways in the country.
Khaleda claimed that the BNP government had constructed many roads and carried out maintenance works. But, she said, the present government had done no maintenance works. On the contrary, the ministers are now blaming each other and plundering money.
She said now it takes 10 hours to travel from Dhaka to Tangail while in the past it took only three hours from Dhaka to Bogra.
The BNP chairperson said the country cannot run this way. “People, and even we don’t know, who are running the country and at whose dictates. Government keeps mum about it.”
Criticising politicisation of the educational institutions, she mentioned the repression on female students of universities and Viqarunnisa Noon School and College. “This is a disgrace for the country,” she said and termed the government as shameless.
Describing the grim picture of the country, Khaleda said: “None can tolerate this government any longer.”
She said the 1974 famine-like situation is now prevailing in the country. People are now committing suicide for want of food and jobs and selling out their children.
The opposition leader also came down heavily on “naked politicization” of the judiciary and blamed former Chief Justice ABM Khairul Haque for destroying the judicial system.
She alleged that Supreme Court lawyer MU Ahmed recently died from police torture.
After the Eid reception, Khaleda went to the mazar of late president Ziaur Rahman and placed a wreath. Later, she offered fateha there.


Courtesy of UNB/The Daily Star

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