Garment workers oppose newly amended Labour Law

August 31, 2013

Leaders of Bangladesh Garments Sramik Oikkyo Parishad (BGSOP), on Friday, claimed that the newly amended Labour Law has failed to ensure the interest of the workers. “This newly amended Labour Law is unable to protect workers’ interests as it is more concerned with ensuring the rights of garments factory owners. Therefore, it must be amended again,” they observed. Their observations came at a human chain, organised by the BGSOP, in front of the National Press Club. The event was presided over by BGSOP chairman Amirul Haque Amin. Amin said new clauses had been added to the newly amended Labour Law, which were contrary to the interests of workers. He demanded further amendment to the law, to establish workers’ rights, in the next cabinet meeting.
Salauddin Swapan, general secretary of the BGSOP, alleged that the AL-led Grand Alliance government had failed to ensure workers’ interest. The ruling party had, however, pledged that after coming to power, they would amend the Labour Law of 2006 and present a more democratic Labour Law, he added.
Kamrul Ahsan, another leader of the BGSOP, said that the government were working towards protecting the interests of garments factory owners.
The BGSOP leaders further alleged that if the government continued to promote such policies, it would hurt the development of the garments industry. They also warned that the amended law would irk the ILO, who has already expressed its worries over the new amendments to the Labor Law.
The leaders also noted that the amended law would encourage garments factory owners to further deprive their workers, which, in turn, would tarnish the country’s image. It could create more difficulties in bringing back GSP facilities for the garments industry from the US, they added.

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