EU Parliamentarians to Dipu: Ensure building codes in RMG

May 31, 2013

Members of European Parliament (MEP) have underscored the need for putting in place the required health and safety measures and ensure adherence to the building code. During an interaction with Foreign Minister Dr Dipu Moni on Thursday, the MEPs referred to the two resolutions adopted by the Parliament this year on Bangladesh RMG industry and mentioned of their engagement with the brands and others in the supply chain to ensure shared responsibility, said a Foreign Ministry press release from Brussels.
The Foreign Minister addressed the Foreign Relations Committee of the European Parliament.
Referring to the accord concluded two weeks back among the buyers and brands, the MEPs also underlined the need for determination of fair price for labour in the RMG industry.
Dipu Moni said that while the government is fully engaged with both workers and the employers in RMG industry on various actions, adoption of the amendments to the Labour Law by the Bangladesh Parliament during its session would pave way for substantial next steps.
As she apprised the Parliament at length of various short term measures taken and long term initiatives in the export-oriented RMG industry in Bangladesh, the MEPs lauded the Government for its sincere engagement. They also conveyed their understanding for the complexities faced by the government and the industry in meeting the gaps and limitations.
The Foreign Minister also briefed the Parliament of the political scenario in Bangladesh in the recent months, including on the trials underway and verdicts announced by the International Crimes Tribunal and the consequent reactions by Jamaat-e-Islami, provision of capital punishment for the convicts, the 13-point demand of Hefazat-e-Islam and the violence that followed.
She also detailed the steps taken by the government, including on the invitation by the Prime Minister for holding dialogue in the Parliament for holding a free, fair and credible election.
In that context, the MEPs lauded the Government’s readiness to welcome independent election observers before, during and after the national election.
During the discussions, the MEPs stated all-round acknowledgement for Bangladesh’s noteworthy accomplishments in the social sector including early realization of MDGs, the inter-linkages with RMG sector and the need for its continued progression.

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