Crazy idea, overactive police

April 24, 2011

Teenager Suhana (not her real name) felt the pressure of a very tight HSC exam schedule was too much. She did not want to drop out. Instead, she figured, if a national crisis arises, the authorities would have to postpone the upcoming chemistry exam on April 21 and she would get a few days more to prepare for the test.
The problem was there was no national crisis. So Suhana from Kafrul conveniently decided to “create” a national crisis.
Without thinking about consequences, the girl used her mobile phone to call up the officer-in-charge of Kafrul Police Station on his mobile phone on April 18 around 9:30pm and dropped a metaphorical bomb: “a group of terrorists have planted time bombs in five important places”.
She categorically said at 9:30am on April 19 a bomb will explode at Aarong, at 9:37am at Novo Theatre, 9:53am at Mohammadpur, 10:15am at Abahony Playground and at 10:49am at Rifles Square.
She also told the OC that her husband plotted the attack. She called police because she was unable to stop her husband from doing what he was planning to do, she told the OC over the phone.
Ever since, police found her phone switched off. The law enforcers were compelled to conduct a thorough search in the mentioned places and they soon realised it was a bomb hoax.
So the Detective Branch of Police tracked her address from her phone number and arrested Suhana at her home Friday around 9:00pm.
A student of a college in Mohammadpur, Suhana is not married. Assistant Commissioner of DB (North) Mohammad Sulaiman, who later interrogated her, said she got the crazy idea from a film.
Police arrested her under Section-54 (used for arresting people whose activities law enforcers believe suspicious) and sent her to jail. A police press release puts her age at 19.


Courtesy of The Daily Star

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