Bulk electricity tariff goes up 6.66pc Monday

July 31, 2011

Bulk electricity tariff will rise by 6.66 percent, effective from Monday.
Tariff of each unit of electricity at the bulk level will go up to Tk 2.80 from the existing Tk 2.63 now, according to an earlier decision of the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC).
On February 8, BERC raised the bulk electricity tariff in two phases by a total of 18.14 percent.
An 11 percent rise in the first phase came into effect from February 1 and the second phase with a 6.66 percent rise becomes effective from Monday.
In the first phase, each unit of electricity for bulk consumers went up to Tk 2.63 from Tk 2.37.
Responding to the plea made by the Power Development Board (PDB), BERC had raised the power tariff for bulk consumers. At that time, an interim 5 percent tariff increase was made for retail consumers.
The bulk tariff is applicable only for the power distribution agencies such as DESCO, DPDC and REB that buy electricity from the Power Development Board for their retail consumers.

-With UNB/The Daily Star input

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