Bangladeshi globetrotter’s notable visits wave the flag of Bangladesh in 150 countries

October 13, 2021

Ahead of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s Victory Day, Bangladeshi world traveler Najmun Nahar wanted to achieve the personal milestone of visiting 150 countries.
She was able to achieve her goal as she carried out the flag of Bangladesh to 150 countries – most recently Sao Tome and Principe, an island in central Africa, where she arrived in October 6.
Before arriving in Santo Tome, Najmun made her way to Burundi, Congo, South Sudan, Namibia and Angola.
“I was born to travel,” Nazmun said. From an early age she had a predilection for travel stories and travel books.
Reading the travelogue awakens her desire to see the world. Her father, Mohammad Amin, further stimulated her enthusiasm.
Najmun Nahar said: “Today another dream has come true. I am very excited. I have hoisted the flag of Bangladesh in 150 countries on the completion of 50 years of our independence. This achievement belongs to all Bangladeshis.”
Najmun said she sometimes had to take buses from one country to another. She continued to ride the bus for the longest time at 56 hours. She has sometimes gone through 15 countries in a row. She walked around high mountains, seas, frozen cities and the blistering desert.
During her journey, she encountered many risks and challenges. She also had a near-death experience.
She has been honored many times at home and abroad for waving the Bangladeshi flag and giving the message of world peace. She has won the prestigious United States Peace Torchbearer award for his exceptional work. She has spread many important messages during his journey to protect the world and against war.
When asked about her purpose, Nazmun said, “Wherever I go, I carry a small red-green flag. I am proud to present myself as a Bangladeshi. I want our flag to reach every country in the world so that people know.”
Nazmon has influenced many children and teenagers from different countries while introducing her world adventuresome exploration in schools, colleges and universities. Seeing the world is a dream, and thinking well is a dream and he conveys the message that we are all equal in the world regardless of religion or origin.
Najmun expressed his another wish: “The world is our home. I want every child and youth in the world to be as big as possible to conquer the world.”

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