83.71 per cent cross JSC, JDC hurdles

December 29, 2011

Students fail mostly in English, maths
A total of 83.71 per cent schoolchildren came out successful in the combined results of Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examinations this year showing a 10.67 per centage point rise in pass rate from the last year.
The pass rate in JSC exams is 82.67 per cent and JDC exams 88.71 but the rates were 71.34 and 81.03 per cent respectively in 2010 when the exam was introduced first-time for the Class VIII students. According to results published Wednesday, a total of 30,852 students under eight general education boards and one madrasa board scored the highest GPA-5 (grade point average) this year. Of them 29,838 are school students and the remaining 1,014 dakhil (madrassa) students.
The statistics supplied by the education minister Nurul Islam Nahid at a press conference at his secretariat Wednesday showed that a total of 14,90,045 students took the JSC exams from 18,484 secondary schools under eight general education boards and, of them, 12,31,880 or 82.67 per cent came out successful.
The number of JDC examinees who took the exams from 9,125 dakhil [secondary] madrassas was 3,099,022 but finally 2,74903 or 88.71 per cent came out successful.
The JSC examinees faced 900-mark tests while the JDC students needed to take 1000 marks examinations. However, the JSC examinees faced 200-mark Bangla and 200-mark English while the JDC students faced 100 marks Bangla and 100-mark English in the examinations.
Like other public exams, the English and Mathematics remained the determinant of the rise and fall of pass or fail rates in the JSC and JDC exams.
For example the pass rates of English and mathematics in this year’s JSC exams in Dhaka Board was 85.39 and 87.05 per cent respectively. The pass rates in social science and general science under the board this year is 98.87 and 96.78 per cent respectively and the pass per centage of the board in this year is 81.45.
When asked, the Dhaka Education Board’s Chairman, Professor Fahima Khatun told The Independent that the pass per centage of the eight general education boards would have been better if the students had done better in English and mathematics. “The JDC examinees needed to face only 100-mark English and it may be the reasons behind the better results [88.71],” she said.
Education minister at the press conference said that the JSC and JDC examinations were held between November 1 and 21 and the results were published within 37 days of completion of exams.
Expressing his satisfaction over the pass per centage, the minister said that the students scoring higher GPA would be given scholarships and the number of scholarships would be raised.
“As the JSC and JDC exams were introduced first-time in 2010 some students who failed in two or three subjects were also promoted to Class IX but if any of those students become unsuccessful this year too, they must stay in Class VIII,” he said adding, “No such this year.”
The minister, however, failed to say the number of such students who had taken the exams this year on those subjects only and become unsuccessful this year too.
Like previous year, the Barisal Board stood first among the eight general education boards with a pass rate of 93.13 per cent. A total of 77,213 students passed the exams under the Barisal Board, with 1886 scoring GPA 5.
The Chittagong Board’s position is at the bottom of the list this year with 72.65 per cent pass rate. Some 90,275 students passed with 2176 GPA5.
The Dhaka board has the highest number of GPA 5 achievers – 12,021 and a total of 3,66,659 examinees passed the exams, accounting for a success rate of 81.45 per cent.
Under the Comilla Board, the pass per centage was 91.25, with 1,76,036 students coming out successful and 2,396 scoring GPA 5. A total of 1,39,943 students passed the exams under the Dinajpur Board, with 3645 scoring GPA 5. The per centage was 84.35.  Under the Sylhet Board, some 77,235 students passed the exams with 748 securing GPA 5.  The parentage was 83.34. Under the Rajshahi Board, 149,959 students passed the exams, with 4212 securing GPA 5. The per centage was 79.88. The Jessore Board’s success rate was 79.87 per cent, with 154,560 examinees coming out successful and 2754 achieving GPA 5. Some 274903 students or 88.71 per cent students came out successful under the sole Madrassa Board with 1014 scoring GPA 5.
No students came out successful from 141 schools and madrassas while 1831 institutions had a 100-per cent pass rate.

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