19 private universities without VCs

January 23, 2012

It is a violation of Private University Act
Nineteen out of 52 private universities don’t have vice-chancellors appointed by the government, which is adding to the woes of students, officials of the education ministry told The Independent, on Sunday. Over the years, most universities have been running with acting or nominated vice-chancellors, though the Private University Act makes it mandatory for universities to propose the names of vice-chancellors (VCs), to be finally appointed by the chancellor and the President of the republic.
The act also stipulates that universities must hold convocations every year, to give out certificates to students. While the owners of some of the universities said they didn’t find any person fit for the position of a full-fledged vice-chancellor, the rest didn’t appoint VCs, just to save money. There are allegations that some owners like to have executive power. They fear that the appointed VCs will leave the institution, if they fail to live up to expectations and all the money spent on them will go to waste.
Ministry officials said ever since its inception in April 2003, Victoria University of Bangladesh has been operating without a VC, pro-VC or a treasurer appointed by the chancellor. “Some officials in the education ministry suppressed the information for years. We will take action against them,” a ministry official said. The official added, “Ownership of the university has changed several times since its inception.”
He said proposals of some of the VCs have been held back for the past few years, as there are allegations against the universities.
There is conflict over ownership of the Darul Ihsan University and a judicial body is probing charges of corruption and irregularities against the university, which has been running without a VC.
The Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology has been facing the same problem for the past few months, due to ownership dispute. The other universities are Independent University, Bangladesh, Central Women’s University, International Islamic University, Chittagong, The People’s University of Bangladesh, Dhaka International University, Bangladesh University, Sylhet International University, University of Development Alternative, Southeast University, Prime University, Metropolitan University, Presidency University, University of Information Technology and Sciences, Prime Asia University, Royal University of Dhaka, and University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.
Prof. Nurul Momen, the proposed VC of Dhaka International University, said his four-year tenure was over in July 2010 and a fresh proposal for his appointment for one more term is gathering dust at the ministry, since then.
“Our students are suffering, as we can’t hold convocations and confer degrees on them,” he added.

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