Unusual rain at end of monsoon

October 23, 2013

Unusual rain at end of monsoonJust before the end of the monsoon, the country has been experiencing unusual October rains following three drier months in a row when the monsoon was supposed to be most active with heavy rainfalls.
Usually, the country experiences a maximum of eight rainy days in October, the Met office website says. But this time around, the country has already had around 14 rainy days and as per the weather forecast, like yesterday, rainfall may occur today also at
places in the country.
“At the moment, the monsoon wind prevails only in the Southwestern part of the country, which will end in a day or two. A low pressure in the Bay is causing the rainfall now,” said Sanaul Haque, a meteorologist at Dhaka Met office, yesterday.
Historically, most of the monsoon rain occurs in July and August, which is around 532 millimetre (mm) and 420 mm on an average. This July, the rainfall was 30 percent less than the normal average, according to the monthly weather report of the Met office.
Formation of cyclones in the Bay is very normal in September, but met office bulletin says, no cyclone formed in the Bay in September this year.
This year, there was shortage of rainfall. The late rains are covering the deficit and the average rainfall would be normal by the end of the year, said Sanaul.
Asked about such changes in rainfall patterns, Dr Samarendra Karmakar, former director at the Met office, said sometimes the monsoon could be less active or delayed due to several reasons, which is quite usual.
But the current spell of rainfall occurred due to a cyclone which hit the Orissa coast and also due to a current low formed in the Southwest Bay, he added.

Courtesy of The Daily Star

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