The fastest Sailfish caught in the Bay of Bengal

August 21, 2021

Curious people rushed to see and touch the Sailfish caught in the fisherman’s nets on Wednesday
Two marine fish have been caught in fishermen’s nets in the Bay of Bengal. Fishermen locally call it ‘golpata’ fish because of the shape of its back fins. Experts say, actually these are sailfish, members of the billfish family and are found throughout the warmer waters of the world’s oceans. It is widely considered the fastest fish in the ocean.
Due to the ban on fishing in the sea (Bay of Bengal) for 65 days, the biodiversity of marine fish species or marine aquatic animals has improved. Marine fish are growing in it. For this reason, experts think that large marine fish are being caught in the fishermen’s nets.
The two marine fish were picked up for sale at the East Fish Market in Galachipa Upazila of Patuakhali on Thursday. The weight of the two large fish is 107 kg. On hearing the news, people crowded there to see the fish. Galachipa fish market president Chunnu Mridha said, “Golpata fish has supplied in the market before but such a big fish has never come before. So, many people crowded the market eager to see the fish”.
A fisherman named Sagar Majhi (Fisherman naming Sagar) brought two fish to Galachipa market. His home is in Golkhali village of the upazila. He said the two fish were caught in their nets in the coastal Bay of Bengal on Wednesday. One of the two fish is nearly 7 feet long, weighs 57 kg. The other weighs 50 kg. On Wednesday, he brought the two fish to Galachipa for sale and picked them up at the East Fish Market.
Some people touch the fish after it is brought to the market. Some people take pictures by stretching the fins like the round leaves of the fish. At one stage, Galachipa ice trader Likon Talukder bought two fish for five thousand taka. Likon Talukder said that on Thursday night, 20 locals cut the two fish and shared them. He cooked and ate fish at home at night. However, the taste of fish is a little different, somewhat like meat, added Talukder.
Deputy Project Director of Fisheries Department Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project in Barisal told Prothom Alo that the sail fish is a species of fish called Istiophorus platypterus. It is considered the fastest fish in the sea, clocking in at speeds of 68 mph. They are carnivores. Each is 8 to 11 feet long. Weight is 120-220 pounds. Two sailfish species have been recognized. One is Atlantic sailfish (I. albicans) and other is Indo-Pacific sailfish (I. platypterus). They usually live in water at a temperature of 21-28 degrees Celsius.
Kamrul Islam added that the lower part of the belly of the sail fish is blue to gray with white. Locally it is called ‘golpata fish’ because of its spectacular dorsal or dorsal fin. Their dorsal fins extend almost as long as their bodies and their bodies are much thinner and elongated than thick. They have upper jaws, which protrude well beyond the lower jaws and form a distinct spear. With it they hunt and eat fish. They are found near the sea surface. They usually prey on small fish such as sardines and anchovies. They also prey on squid and octopus.
Kamrul Islam said that sailfish is being caught in the Bay of Bengal lately, which is satisfactory. One of the reasons for this is the positive role and taking effective measures to implement it of the Bangladesh government in maritime management. In particular, the ban on fishing in the sea for 65 days has improved the biodiversity of marine fish species or marine aquatic life. The extracted sailfish had previously been dried up only. At present, fresh fish is slowly gaining popularity as a food, which is desirable and conducive to the creation of new markets. Sail fish is not very tasty but it has improved food quality, because it’s a marine creature. It contains nutrients that are beneficial to the human body.

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