Restriction on private car suggested to cut tailback

May 27, 2010

Green and civic rights activists on Wednesday urged the government to adopt a policy of restricting private cars in order to facilitate the expansion and the use of public mode of transport, which would help ease traffic congestion in the cities.
Speaking at a news briefing, they also stressed the need for a coordinated transport system having railway, waterway and road network with the main focus on the facilities for all sections of people.
Save the Environment Movement organised the news briefing on ‘excluding corporate-based plan for reducing traffic jam’ on its Kalabagan office premises in Dhaka.
‘The private cars are an incompetent mode of transport which occupies almost the same space of a 50-seat bus, but a car can carry not more than four passengers,’ said the organisation’s chairman Abu Naser Khan.
Suggesting that the Strategic Transport Plan needs correction, he said, ‘Smooth movement of pedestrian, by-cycle, rickshaw and public transports should be given priority to avoid city’s traffic congestion.’
The Work for a Better Bangladesh programme officer, Maruf Rahman, read out the keynote paper at the programme.
He informed that the annual economic loss due to traffic congestion was about Tk 11,763 crore and every year the government import Tk 11,228 crore fuels for use by different modes of transports, especially the private cars.
Referring to the BRTA website, he said every day on an average 103 licenses are given for private cars while only two per cent of the total city dwellers use private cars.
The speakers also recommended imposing restrictions on private car on alternate days, charging congestion fees, limiting the number of license for private cars, avoiding capital-centric infrastructural development, creating separate lanes for motorised and non-motorised vehicles and encouraging students and officials to use public mode of transports instead of private cars.

Courtesy of NewAge

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