Large number of visitors throng Rajshahi digital fair on last day

December 31, 2010

Visitors from all walks of life thronged the Rajshahi Digital Fair 2010 on its concluding day on Thursday.
Modern technological devices and information and communication appliances attracted most of the visitors, said the visitors on the fair ground while asked about their interest and causes that encouraged them to join the fair.
A large number of students from different educational institutions in the city and its adjacent areas attended the fair to have an overview of the state-of-the-art technology.
The children got the opportunity in several stalls to browse desktops and laptops.
They also got a chance to play video-games with latest technological devices.
Rajshahi District Sports Development Association general secretary Imtiaj Ahmed, while visiting the fair along with his family members, said these types of fair were important for the children as they could easily have an acquaintance with the newest technology.
He said, ‘I bring my daughter to make her familiar with ICT devices.’
Rajshahi Seroil Government School student Ashiku Rahman Anik said he enjoyed the fair as it displayed new devices.
The Rajshahi divisional administration and the Access to Information Programme of the Prime Minister’s Office jointly arranged the fair at the Rajshahi District Stadium’s Gymnasium at Shalbagan in the city from Wednesday to Thursday.
A total of 38 stalls were set up in the fair, including an information centre to help the people to get government information on public services.


Courtesy of NewAge

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