Greens for climate change adaptation under UN

February 17, 2013

Greens on Saturday called for taking action on the ground to promote climate change adaptation under UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Speaking at a consultation at National Press Club they urged the fast developing countries to take more mitigation initiative so that the Least Developing Countries like Bangladesh would require no adaptation in the long run.
World Water Forum of Journalists, Asia-Pacific of Environmental Journalists and Forum of Environmental Journalists of Bangladesh hosted the consultations on ‘How to promote climate change adaptation in UN.’.
Dhaka University professor Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir, said that adaptation did not get focused attention at UNFCC and the whole negotiation was following a wrong process.
Bangladesh should, he said, develop a formula and the criteria for adaptation finance and at the same time press for a separate window from Green Climate
Climate change specialist Rezaul Karim said that for adaptation adequate allocation was needed.
Bangladesh Water Partnership vice president K Azharul Haq, Sanowar Hosain of Bangladesh Poush and journalist Shamima Chowdhury also spoke.
APFEJ and FEJB chairman Quamrul Islam Chowdhury said that adaptation was still neglected subject in UNFCC.
Despite all efforts to cutback emissions of green house gases, global mitigation is on the low and fast developing countries are continuing their emissions as a result LDCs like Bangladesh are facing adverse impacts of climate change prompting to go for adaptation.
He urged the developing countries for setting greater mitigation goal so that countries like Bangladesh should not require adaptation in the long run.

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