Government decides to ban import of hydraulic horns

September 30, 2010

The government has decided to ban import of hydraulic horns, following a previous embargo on its use.
The finance ministry and the National Board of Revenue have already been requested through the Road Security Council to take required measures in this regard, council chief and communications minister Syed Abul Hossain said on Wednesday.
The minister was talking to reporters after the council’s meeting at his office.
He said the government had banned use of hydraulic horns on different roads across the country, including in Dhaka many years ago.
‘However, such horns are still being used in many vehicles. Now we’ve taken decision to ban the import of such horns.’
Use of hydraulic horns is very loud and can hurt the eardrums. Though there are sets of laws to prevent sound pollution, people do not know them.
Some other issues the meeting discussed are introduction of ‘Bus Rapid Transit’ on six routes of Dhaka metropolitan area, introduction of large buses in the city roads instead of minibuses, managing bank loans for new vehicles, taking proper steps to stop registration of the CNG-run auto rickshaws and allowing route permit, which had been pending for a long time.


Courtesy of NewAge

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