Eminent citizens stand by Limon

August 30, 2012

A group of 19 eminent citizens started for Jhalakathi last night to show sympathy and solidarity for Limon Hossain, who was shot and maimed by Rab last year.
A brick kiln worker and college student, Limon had to have his left leg amputated from thigh after Rab shot him without caring to verify his identity on March 23, 2011. He was “mistaken” for a criminal.
The recent allegations of murder against Limon and his family following an assault by a “Rab source” on the Eid day prompted the move to demand justice for Limon.
“Justice for Limon must be sought and ensured because unfair conducts will become established facts if we don’t protest,” rights activist Khushi Kabir, one in the group, told The Daily Star.
Other senior citizens in the team include Hamida Hossain and Nina Goswami of Ain O Salish Kendra, economist MM Akash, Advocate Rafique Siraji of ALRD, Rejaul Karim of BLAST, Rahnuma Ahmed of Drik, columnist Delwar Hossain and Jahanagirnagar University teacher Prof Nasim Akhter Hossain.
“We are convinced that Limon is totally innocent,” Khushi said. “Rab could have admitted their mistake. Rather they are opting for ruining an innocent boy’s life, and the government seems to be indifferent concerning this.”
Critical of the government, the citizens have asked why perpetual wrongs were unleashed on Limon.
They will hold a human chain at 10:00am in front of Jhalakathi Press Club today, said Khushi.
Around 12:00 noon, the activists will accompany Limon and his family during the submission of Henoara Begum’s no-confidence petition against the Rab personnel involved in the shootout.
“A few of us will meet the Jhalakathi deputy commissioner at his office sometime around the court hearing,” said Khushi.
At 3:00pm, a views exchange meeting is to follow with eminent personalities and journalists to discuss how Limon could overcome the unending harassment.
They will start for Dhaka at 5:00pm.

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