Dhakaia cuisine show held

October 25, 2009

From The New Nation
Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, while celebrating 400 years of capital Dhaka, organised a day-long programme on the city’s traditional cuisine on Saturday.
The programme included academic workshop in the morning and a food exhibition in the afternoon. In the workshop, experts presented 18 papers on various aspects of traditional Dhakaia cuisine, food for festivals, food recipe, food preparation, food habit, food culture and food business in the past and present.
The articles presented in the three working sessions will be compiled in a book on Dhakaia cuisine to be published as a part of the celebration programme.
Celebration of 400 years of Dhaka as capital has been initiated to promote and project Dhaka in the perspectives of its history, culture, tradition and modernity.
“Dhakaia cuisine was chosen as the theme since food represents our tradition, culture, habit, health consciousness and business prospects,” said Dr Sharif uddin Ahmed, chief coordinator of the celebration programme.
“The food is not merely an object to satisfy our taste, but also a culture, and part of the economy that created huge employment in the business sector,” he added.
The food exhibition, held at the Society premises, attracted a large number of visitors who were pleased to see the mouthwatering cuisines including traditional Bakharkhani, Kachi Biriani, Chicken Polao, Borhani, Kebab, home-made cakes, Lacchi, Faluda, confectionary biscuits and sweets.

Courtesy of The New Nation

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