Canada tightens visa policy

May 28, 2010

Canada has tightened the visa policy aiming to ensure that the North American country welcomes only clean people.
The Canadian Citizenship and Immigration department recently decided that it would not allow people visiting Canada or studying, working or migrating there should they have any history of criminal offences.
The immigration department will look into the offences irrespective of their places of occurrence and the gravity. Offences as seemingly minor as traffic rule violations may render an individual inadmissible to Canada.
Examples of convictions that could make a person inadmissible to Canada include driving under the influence of drug or alcohol, theft, petty theft, shoplifting, assault, disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice.
According to information received here, any person currently charged with or previously convicted of any criminal offence inside or outside Canada would be prohibited from visiting, working, studying or applying for permanent residence in Canada.
There are, however, ways of coming to Canada despite having criminal convictions in the past if the person can probe that he committed the offence at least five years before and underwent through rehabilitation programme.

Courtesy of BSS via The Independent

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