Barisal rallies against disappearances

August 31, 2013

Human rights activists in Barisal city on Friday urged the government to stop enforced disappearances. They made the call from a human chain and rally organised by the Human Rights Defenders Network, Barisal unit to observe annual commemoration of International Day of the Disappeared that falls on 30 August.
It was addressed, among others, by Mozammel Huq, Sohana Aktar, Sahida Aktar, Aziz Shahin, and Sanjida Islam.
Participants in the programmes drew attention of the law enforcing agencies, judiciary and human rights defenders to those people who have been victims of involuntary or enforced disappearances, imprisoned without their friends or relatives knowing where or why.
They underscored the need for upholding the civil and political rights of the people of Bangladesh along with their social, cultural and economic rights.
They urged for promotion of human rights through introduction of participatory democracy and good governance as well as advocacy and lobbying for the incorporation and ratification of international human rights instruments.
The number of enforced disappearances, custodial deaths, torture is increasing in the country day by day marking a dangerous decline in democratic freedom and also putting human rights defenders under constant risk, they observed.
The defenders receive threats and intimidation from state actors, in particular, from security and intelligence agencies.
The government has become increasingly repressive in its treatment of human rights defenders and civil society actors for their role in defending human rights.
Government using police and other law enforcement agencies to harass dissident voices, the participants said.
They also praised the work of those organisations who campaign against secret imprisonment and work to support the ‘disappeared’ and their families.
They also vowed to stand to fight impunity and promote justice in the country.

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