Bangladeshi cyclists set Guinness world record by cycling 160 kilometers

January 9, 2022

Four youngsters from Bangladesh set a world record by cycling 1,060 kilometers in 48 hours. They are Dravid, Tanvir, Rakibul and Alauddin members of a cycling team known as Team BDC (all Bangladeshi) in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 10 December 2021,” the Guinness authorities mentioned on their website Saturday.
They set a target of cycling 1,600 km in two days to secure a record. However, they has continued 1,060 kilometers. Ignoring the extreme cold and winter rain in the late night, the four youths cycled from 8:40 pm on December 8 to 8:40 pm on December 10. After about a month, they finally got the world record recognition.
According to Team BDC press release, the Guinness officials had been analysing various data for nearly a month after the event and finalised the decision yesterday by putting together 48-hour video footage from six cameras, certificates signed by thirteen witnesses, surveyor’s report, numerous photos, GPS ride data, so
on and so forth. This happens to be the inaugural record of this particular event, which was freshly introduced of late.
“The record holders (who are known as Team BDC) are a cycling team and since they had no events to compete in due to pandemic related lockdowns, they decided they’d train to attempt this Guinness World Records title so that they could break it as a team,” the Guinness mentioned further.
Rakibul Islam, one of the four cyclists, “We were equally excited and nervous from the beginning of this attempt, something that was calculated on pen and paper.
“There were a lot of challenges: sleepless 48 hours, cold, and winter rain in the late night while continuous speedy cycling. But we were physically and mentally prepared to conquer all those barriers.
“Boys lost their extra weight, maintained proper diet, trained harder and structured better than any time before. And the support system from the community and sponsors were flawless. But in the end, after a grueling effort, we made Bangladesh proud to hold the record in the cycling sport,” Rakibul stated.
To know more on the world record, visit the website of Guinness World Records.

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