Astronomy festival begins Oct 1

September 28, 2012

An astronomy festival featuring a photography exhibition, painting competition, and workshop is going to begin in the capital on October 1.
The events in the Sputnik Festival 2012 will take place over the next three months. It marks the 55th anniversary of first man-made satellite Sputnik’s launching in Earth’s orbit.
The festival will begin with the 10-day photography exhibition, “Space Exploration”, on October 1, to be held at Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Dhaka.
Bangladesh Astronomical Association and Cultural Department of Russian Embassy will jointly host it.
The painting competition “Man in the Space” will be held on October 4. The astronomy workshop will begin the same day.
One session will take place each Thursday from October 4 till December 13, when the workshop will close with a certificate giving ceremony.

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