Want him to fancy you? Look up!

November 27, 2010

If your idea of flirting is to go bright red and hang your head in shame, it’s time to listen up!
Researchers say that the way you tilt your head can dramatically alter your attractiveness to the opposite sex.
Apparently, women should angle their head forwards, so they have to look slightly upwards and men should tilt their head back and look down their nose slightly, as this will make them appear more masculine.
Dr Burke, a senior psychology lecturer at the University of Newcastle in Australia, said: “Human facial attractiveness from an evolutionary perspective has been extensively studied.
“But, although the influence of feminine and masculine features is relatively well-known, there is a gap in our knowledge as to what is considered masculine and feminine about facial features.
“The research found the way we angle our faces affects our attractiveness to the opposite sex.”
Apparently, it’s all due to height differences between men and women, so that a woman tilts her head upwards and a man downwards.
Hmm, all very well and good – but what if the woman is taller than her fella?
Experts reckon that we decide if we fancy someone within the first five minutes of meeting them. They also claim that the majority of that all-important first impression comes from our body language. So, you do the maths. If you want to wow him, those first moves are key.


Via: lemondrop.co.uk                                                                        Image: Michal Marcol/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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