Sex Is Good For You

October 19, 2010

The latest research on sex shows many benefits …
Sex is Good for Your Brain
Having sex makes you more intelligent, as the latest study suggests. According to the results of the study, during the intercourse, as much as seven different chemical reactions occur to improve its functioning. It is especially important for older people as sex boosts brain activity later in life.
The release of several hormones, such as oxytocin and serotonin during sex and after climax also contributes to creative thinking and good decision-making.
Sex Prolongs Men’s Life
Men benefit the most from sex if they have sex at least once a week. The latest research found that those who engage in sexual activity regularly are likely to live past 80 years old.
The results of the study revealed that regular sex reduces the risk of death from a stroke by 50 percent, diabetes by 40 per cent and heart disease by 30 per cent.
Scientists from Sydney University also encourage men to have sex daily as it was found that sex on a regular basis improving the quality of sperm making conception more likely to occur.
Colds and Flu Protection
Regular sex is known to boost your immune system increasing level of the immune-boosting antibody immunoglobin A. This is a good guard of your organism from colds and flu.
Better Sleep
Everyone knows the benefits of a good and sound sleep. Sex helps when you experience difficulty with sleep. After you experienced sensual pleasure, lots of touching and gentle words, your brain and body is in state of pure bliss and relaxation which helps you to fall asleep better. Men are known to fall asleep faster than women due to certain differences. Typically men get sleepy right after ejaculation that triggers the release of hormones.
Good Fitness
Having sex in the morning is a great way to keep you in shape. Do not believe that it will make you tired. Otherwise good sex will awaken your body, make you more energetic, improve muscle tone your flexibility. It is like having a morning exercise and even more pleasant.
Strong Heart
Sexercises are not only good for your body shape but also for your heart. During lovemaking, the heart beat will increase and this stimulates blood flow. According to a recent research even those who suffer from chronic heart failure can enjoy sex quite regularly. Of course this doesn’t mean you should try all the Kamasutra positions at once.
Stress Relief
Stress is one of the most common conditions with all people being affected at some period of their life. Sex is a natural way to relieve stress and daily tension, calming down your nerves. You feel elated and become less nervous. Lovemaking contributes to the release of the “pair-bonding” hormone oxytocin between partners that may explain its calming effect. It was also found that those who engaged in penile-vaginal intercourse regularly were least stresses and had their blood pressure returned to normal quite fast after the intercourse.
Beauty Therapy
In a research conducted by Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, it was revealed that people looking younger their age were also having lots of sex. One of the possible explanations to that may be the increasing estrogen level in women after sex, which makes your skin look fresh and clean and your hair shiny and strong.


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