Seducing your spouse !

October 5, 2010

Is your monogamous life leading to a monotonous existence Here are a few more tips to add some spice to your married life!
Sexy Notes
Send your partner a sexy, erotic note at the office. Or paste them on the refrigerator door or mirror. Rashmi Lahoria packs erotic notes once in a while in her hubby’s lunchbox! 
Get Romantic
Don’t you love receiving flowers Return the favour, but add your own special touch. Perhaps send your spouse a bouquet of flowers at the office, or even a bottle of champagne or red wine.
Breakfast in bed…and…lunch….and dinner!
Set up your own little picnic right in the bedroom. A chilled bottle of wine, a bucket of ice, strawberries and cream, and, of course, chocolate!
Wet n’ Wild!
Get wet together in the shower or the bathtub. Not only is it great fun, but it does wonders for your libido.
Flirt with each other even if you’ve been together for years. Flirting is good for you, and gives you a natural high. It also sends those endorphins racing through the body. Dress up, go out for dinner, look your partner in the eye while talking, and flirt!
Tease him!
Priyanka Krishnan once called her husband into the kitchen when they had guests over for dinner, pushed him against the refrigerator, gave him a long, slow kiss, and scooted into the hall where she joined her other guests and resumed perfectly normal, innocent conversation, while her husband hung around in the kitchen while he ‘composed’ himself!
Make Your Move
If your partner is always the one to initiate sex, why don’t you do so this time? Take the lead!
Bedroom Bliss
Check out our article on romantic bedrooms. Light scented candles, spread satin sheets on your bed. Indulge your senses to the fullest. Source


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