People’s deepest sexual desires revealed

May 6, 2011

Straight men prefer heavier women to thinner females and find feet erotic, according to a surprising survey of online searches. Scientists have finally got a grip on our deepest sexual desires, by looking at what people type into Google.
They have examined one billion online sex-related searches from around the world to find out what users click on when no one else is looking.
The findings have been published in a book called A Billion Wicked Thoughts, co-authored by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, the Daily Mail reports.The pair hope it will prove there is no such thing as sexual deviance as almost nothing is seen as out of bounds.
The survey is so vast it is viewed by many experts as the most complete analysis of human sexual desires. Among the findings are the fact straight men prefer heavier women to thinner ones and find feet erotic.
They also enjoy a wide variety of erotic images, including bizarrely both elderly women and transsexuals. Meanwhile straight women enjoy reading about and watching romances between two men, but only when the focus is on emotion and not sex.
Surprisingly, search engine results from Dogpile, which provided the search data from Google, Yahoo! and Bing, said almost 80 percent of internet searches were made up of 20 interests, ranging from youth, to cheerleaders.
Ogas said: “Sex therapists haven’t known which interests are common and which are rare,’ ‘We probably now know more than ever before.”
The top 10 sex-related searches are youth (13.5 percent); gay (4.7 percent); MILFs (4.3 percent); breasts (4 percent); cheating wives (3.4 percent); vaginas (2.8 percent), penises (2.4 percent), (blocked out in the book); butts (0.9 percent) and cheerleaders (0.1 percent).
Experts think because porn is so readily available on the internet it may be helping human desire evolve as billions of men and women log-on more and more.
Prior to the internet boom, there were less than 90 porn magazines but now an estimated 2.5 million porn sites have been blocked.


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