Football brings couples closer

December 6, 2011

Watching football together could be the best thing for your relationship, according to a new survey.
The study by Indesit found 64 per cent of men in the UK would spend more time with their girlfriends if they knew more about football.
Women agree too, over one in three believe that having a good knowledge of the game would lead to them spending more quality time with their partner. When asked directly, one in four men said that their girlfriend knowing more about football would result in fewer arguments.
Half of all women polled suggested they “would like to know more about football” yet only 17 per cent could boast a decent understanding. The same number of women admitted that this lack of understanding excludes them from conversations whilst 62 per cent of men indicated they would invite their partners to more social occasions if they enjoyed football.
Enjoying football also helps when it comes to housework. Half of all males polled stated that they would be more willing to help with household chores, such as the laundry, if their partners nagged less about them watching football.
When it comes to knowing the score men and women are clear on what knowledge is essential, both agree that the names of key players and the offside rule are the first things that should be learned before watching a match.
Piero Pracchi, Indesit Brand Director commented: “It was almost a given that the majority of UK men enjoy football but it’s great to see how strong women’s’ interest in the game is. It’s also interesting that, rather than being the cause of arguments, football can be the route to a great relationship.”

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