Men and women don’t like the same films

July 3, 2011

Spending the night in front of the television and watching a film with the other half could be more damaging to your relationship than you could possibly think.
New research confirms what most of us already knew, that men and women don’t like watching the same films.
Women are far more interested in a happy ending and men are twice as likely to want a sex scene in the film, as proven by a study of 2,000 adults, commissioned by insurer Direct Line.
TV psychologist Professor Geoffrey Beattie, who anaylsed the results, says: “This research shows that the perfect film needs to engage the mind – particularly with a plot twist – as well as the emotions.
“Films are important to people because they provide a narrative and a meaning to experiences, either similar to our own or very different to our own, and we often draw upon these narrative structures when we explain aspects of our own lives.
“Films take us on an emotional journey and allow us to feel a range of different emotions both positive and negative in a safe environment and when we have finished watching a film we often feel a degree of psychological satisfaction.”
The study found that both sexes agreed (for once) that a cunning plot twist was an integral part of any movie.
More than half of men feel an action sequence is essential to their perfect film, compared to women who prefer a happy ending to explosions and violence.
Matt Owen, spokesperson for insurance firm Drect Line says: “Our research shows that people are very clear about what they like – and especially what they don’t like – in films, with overly-complicated, lengthy movies being the worst offenders.
“In terms of what makes a perfect film, the most recent Star Trek movie may be the closest modern movie to fit the bill and may well have bodly gone where no film has gone before.
Direct Line has teamed up with Raindance, the UK’s largest independent film organisation, to launch 40 Seconds Straign, a film competition to find new UK film-making talent.


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