How to add colors to your sex life

December 27, 2008

Do you really feel that the daily stresses of your busy life are squeezing away the fun from your rocky bedroom life? Couples become frustrated, panicky when their sex lives go to the wayside during stressful periods of their life. They find it very hard to deal with such a condition. Remember that it is always important to stay connected with each other during lives high well as low periods. And in case, sex is not in your mind, make sure you guys are together for each other. Here are some other easy ways by which you can add more colors to your sex life- just read them below!
Show appreciation for one another. Give each other compliments remember it is the best way to let your partner know that he or she is still being noticed and loved. This will certainly pep up your sex life.
Make sure you both take out time from your daily busy schedule and talk to each other daily. You can chat during dinner or at bedtime. Remember that talking fosters bonding by providing support plus helps in boosting your boring sex life too.
Stay on positive grounds and have respect towards each other in a relationship. Bite your tongue if you are about to complain about something to your partner. It is a fact that stressful situations are hard to deal with but make efforts not to crib the situation. Remember using bad language for your partner can directly affect your relationship.
Believe in your future together. Stressful time makes couple doubt their ability to stay together and insecurity matter in such circumstances makes the matters more worse and complex. So make sit down together and make plans to make each other feel secure in relationship. Believe me; this security will add a lot to your sex life.

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