October 25, 2009

Your sex life is great. You and your husband are deeply in love with each other, and are terrific in bed. But if you miss that first night excitement and anticipation, we assure you, getting it back is easier than you think. So get set to rock and roll between the sheets.
Change the way you touch
Sure you rub each other the right way – but there are many right ways. If you usually stroked his hair while kissing, try stroking his neck, or shoulders. Think of new ways to touch each other. Cut down on the kissing and try running your fingers along each other’s lips.
Top ‘Reiki’ tip
At the base of the spine, there’s a bony plate, which has little hollows. If you massage those hollows, you will open up your partner’s sexual energy and make him more sexually tuned (or should we say, horny)!
Have fun
Giggle and laugh while making love. Sex is not a serious matter, and laughter is a great aphrodisiac. Crack a joke or two. When you’re having an orgasm, yell and scream – let it all out! Just have fun together.
Do something different
And this doesn’t just mean trying out new angles – though that’s great too. After all, the Kamasutra was made for a purpose. Read it! Forget the bed and do it on the floor. If you usually do it naked, leave on a skirt. Perform the unexpected and you won’t know what hit you!
Turn on the heat
You’re probably so accustomed to air conditioning, making hot, steamy love may seem more of a state of mind to you. It’s not. Open the bedroom window and let the summer air inside. Or indulge in foreplay in a steamy shower or whirlpool and feel the heat.
Talk the talk
Use your mouth in every possible way. (We mean, you should talk during sex! What were you thinking? Sheesh!) And we don’t mean you’ve got to spew out commands – get mushy. Anyway as you and your husband grow older, visual stimulation may not be very effective. In such cases romantic communication really helps.
Love your body
Exercise is not an option, but it is a necessity. And no, we will not tire of repeating this statement again and again. You don’t have to have a Barbie figure to have great sex, but you should make exercise a priority – not to reduce weight but to become physically fitter, so you can enjoy sex more. Exercise increases the testosterone level in your body. Have you ever tried making love immediately after a workout Take a crack at it. You’ll be tingling and ready for it!
Indulge yourself
Call your beautician over and spend the entire day pampering yourself. In addition to getting yourself waxed, get a manicure and pedicure, an hour-long body massage, a facial, a head massage, a face pack ahhh!!
Think about sex
Fantasise. God has given you an active imagination – so put it to good use. Erotic thoughts boost the libido. Even an experience like running your hand over a velvet curtain can be a sensual experience.
Petal power
Who says you can only have flowers on your bed at your Suhaag Raat? Scatter rose petals all over the bedsheets. Place bowls of fruits – pineapples, bananas, oranges – around the room to add to the sensual ambience. Wear flowers in your hair. Light a few candles, and set the mood for a night of unforgettable lovemaking.

Source: indiaparenting.com

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