Junk foods lead to early-age diabetes

June 7, 2012

Frequent consumption of fast foods and lack of physical exercise are causing lifestyle diseases, particularly diabetes, among urban people even before they reach 35 years of age, according to physicians.
They say the increasing popularity of junk foods — popularly called fast foods — among the youngsters leads them to burden their blood with cholesterol and weaken pancreas that balances the sugar in blood.
“Such a process leads the people to develop diabetes,”said Prof. AK Azad Khan, a renowned specialist in diabetes.
Junk foods such as burger, sandwich, fried chicken, grilled chicken, pizza, beef kebab and mutton kebab are considered high calorie foods that contain cholesterol which eventually increases blood sugar unless the consumer does adequate physical exercise.
“If a city dweller takes high density fast food for a longer period without doing physical exercise. s/he effectively weaken the pancreas and is certain to develop diabetes at the age of 35 to 40 years,” Dr Khan said.
Public health experts have expressed concern at urban people’s food habit responsible for diabetes and loss of human productivity of a man or woman during the best part of their life.
Noted public expert Dr Muhammad Abdus Sabur, worried about the idle fast food culture, said the people who remain extremely busy may take fast food for want of time and consume homemade food once they can manage time.

Courtesy of Daily Sun

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