Let’s put an end to politics of confrontation: Hasina

December 28, 2008

Bdnews24.com . Dhaka
The Awami League president, Sheikh Hasina, in a televised speech on Saturday vowed to establish a Bangladesh free from hunger and poverty, and called for a ‘transparent political culture’ taking lessons from the past.
Hasina called upon all, ‘Let us put an end to the politics of confrontation for the sake of highest state interests.’
‘Let us all, ranging from government party and opposition, create a transparent political culture.’
Campaigns for the ninth parliamentary elections come to an end on December 27 midnight with the two major alliance chiefs Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia delivering televised speeches to the nation on Saturday evening.
State-run Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar broadcast the recorded speech at 8:30pm and Khaleda’s appeared on TV soon after Hasina’s ended.
In her speech, Hasina recounted the birth of Bangladesh, the ups and downs of the country’s history, before saying, ‘I’ve described the past incidents in order to march forward taking a lesson from those experiences.’
The former prime minister renewed the pledges of her party’s manifesto, the ‘Charter for Change’ unveiled on December 12 at the start of her election campaign.
‘We’ve received such tremendous support from people for our manifesto and Vision 2021 that it has become a national charter,’ she said.
The AL chief came down hard on the rival BNP-Jamaat alliance by saying that the growth and flourish of militancy in the country occurred under the patronisation of the four-party alliance government.
‘They created 111 godfathers across the country to establish a state of anarchy, while Hawa Bhaban ran a parallel government and parliament was total ineffective.’
Hasina called upon government officials to work neutrally during polling and members of law enforcing agencies to take measures so that people can vote without any fears.
The two former prime ministers had earlier addressed the two largest rallies of the campaign period on consecutive days, Friday and Saturday at Paltan Maidan.

Curtesy: newagebd.com

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