How much will it cost to cross the Padma, the government fixed

May 17, 2022

By Dhaka Mirror :
The government has fixed the toll of the under-construction Padma bridge, which is at least 1.5 times higher than the average toll paid on ferries plying the Padma.
The bridge division under Road Transport and Bridges Ministry on Tuesday issued a notification fixing different toll rates for different transports.
As per the gazette, the toll rates are Tk 100 for a motorcycle, Tk 750 for a car and a jeep, Tk 1,200 for a pick-up van, Tk 1,300 for a microbus, Tk 1,400 for a minibus (31 seats or less than that), Tk 2,000 for a medium bus (32 seats orĀ more than that), Tk 2,400 for a big bus (3 axles), Tk 1,600 for a small truck (up to 5 tonnes), Tk 2,100 for a medium truck (from 5 tonnes to 8 tonnes), and Tk 2,800 for a medium truck (from 8 tonnes to 11 tonnes) and Tk 5,500 for trucksĀ up to 3 axles.
In cases of trailers, as per the gazette, the toll rate for using the bridge is Tk 6,000 for trailers up to 4 axles while the toll rate for trucks over 4 axles is Tk 6,000 plus Tk 1,500 for every other axle.
The toll will come into effect after the bridge is opened for traffic. The bridge is likely to open for traffic in late June.

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