Dhaka metro govt proposed

May 21, 2009

JS body members for combining Gazipur, N’ganj with capital giving them city corporation status
Members of the parliamentary standing committee on the local government ministry at a meeting yesterday discussed forming Dhaka metropolitan government combining Gazipur and Narayanganj to improve city life.
Members of the parliamentary body suggested that Dhaka City Corporation should be divided into two parts each having a mayor to better city life.
The committee members also suggested upgrading Gazipur and Narayanganj to City Corporation.
The committee at the meeting held at the parliament building decided to scrutinise Pourasava Bill keeping the provision of lawmakers’ advice mandatory for pourasava mayors.
The body recommended creating posts of two deputy mayors including one for woman.
“Most of the committee members at the meeting called upon the government to form Dhaka metropolitan city as well as the metropolitan government combining Gazipur and Narayanganj after upgrading them to city corporation,” Advocate M Rahmat Ali, chairman of the committee told reporters after the meeting.
“The committee, however, did not make any decision or recommendation in this regard,” he added.
“We need to talk with the government, experts, mayors and councillors of all city corporations about the issue before taking any decision,” Rahmat said.
“We need to discuss how the utility services will be integrated and how they will function once the metropolitan government is formed,” he said.
“We will fix a date to talk on this issue with all mayors and councillors after getting the nod from the government,” he added.
The committee members also suggested splitting Dhaka City Corporation into two separate entities having two mayors,” Rahmat Ali said.
“As the chairman of the committee I did not make any recommendation over their opinion as I need to talk more on that,” he said.
Rahmat cited names of some cities including Kolkata, New York, London, and New Delhi where the city is divided into two.
Replying to a question he said all members of the committee gave their opinions in favour of Dhaka Metropolitan government.
The committee also asked all deputy commissioners to investigate the alleged misappropriation of money worth Tk 135 crore during the BNP-led four-party alliance government in giving government allocation under Gram Sarkar.
The committee asked them to place the report before the committee within next 45 days.

Courtesy of The Daily Star

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