Whitney Houston Gives Rihanna Advice

February 25, 2009

Whitney Houston has urged Rihanna not to take Chris Brown back.
The legendary singer reportedly warned Rihanna to cut all ties with Chris after the ‘Run It’ star was arrested for allegedly beating her up.
Whitney – who had a violent relationship with ex-husband Bobby Brown – is believed to have spoken to Rihanna, telling her: “Don’t make the same mistakes I did.”
A source told the National Enquirer magazine: “When Whitney heard what had happened to Rihanna, she was close to tears. Right then she knew she had to contact her and urge her to get out of the relationship while she can. She made it clear that Rihanna should dump Chris.
“Whitney told her, ‘Whenever you let your heart rule your head, you are bound to run into trouble.’ ”
Despite Whitney’s advice, 21-year-old Rihanna has reportedly forgiven Chris and the pair have been in constant contact via phone calls and text messages.
The source added: “Even after what Chris did to her, Rihanna is crazy about him. They have been talking and have agreed that once the legal problems are ironed out, they will be together.
“They have vowed to meet at a secret rendezvous location outside of Los Angeles.”
It has been alleged Rihanna was left with cuts and bruises to her lips, cheeks and forehead after Chris, 19, beat her in his car earlier this month.
The Barbados-born beauty is believed to have told police officers Chris threatened to kill her.
Chris has since released a statement saying he is “sorry and saddened over what transpired”.

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