Jennifer Lopez voted as trend setters of 2014

December 21, 2014

Jennifer Lopez voted as trend setters of 2014A survey conducted by a online clothing company revealed Jennifer Lopez and Kate Middleton are the top fashion trend setter for this year, reports India Today. The survey also revealed details about how American women view popular trends. Beyonce and Angelina Jolie are placed on 3rd and 4th respectively followed Michelle Obama. 87 per cent of those surveyed said they followed fashion trends, while one in five women admitted to spending up to $500 a month on fashion and accessories.
The poll also suggested that, when it comes to being influenced by celebrities, people voted with their feet – with shoes and boots emerging as the items they are most likely to imitate.
Here’s a look at top 10 trendsetters: 1. Jennifer Lopez, 2. Kate Middleton, 3. Beyonc, 4. Angelina Jolie, 5. Michelle Obama, 6. Gwen Stefani, 7. Rihanna, 8. Victoria Beckham/Katy Perry, 9. Jessica Alba/Sarah Jessica Parkar and 10. Kim Kardashian.

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