Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Test

February 8, 2010

Victoria Beckham will only design clothes she would wear.
The former Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer – whose upmarket clothing ranges have been critically acclaimed – admits she’s a perfectionist when it comes to her work so creates outfits she would be prepared to buy.
She said: “The sales have been phenomenal. It’s been a challenge – obviously people had preconceptions in the beginning – but I’ve worked really really hard. The final test for me is, would I wear it myself?”
 The mother-of-three – who is married to soccer star David Beckham – is keen to make all her designs high quality as creating good clothes is something she’s always wanted to do.
She said: “I just really love what I do and I’m passionate about it. It’s what I’ve also wanted to do and for me the quality is very important.”
While her women’s clothes are a huge success, Victoria says she’s in no rush to repeat that with a men’s range.
She told LOVE magazine: “I think Tom Ford is doing an incredible job…but it’s not like I can’t wait to do a men’s line. I love women. I’m a real girl’s girl.”

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