Style Showdown: Kelly Brook Vs Amanda Holden

January 14, 2009

Following the announcement yesterday that Kelly Brook is to join the panel of Britain’s Got Talent, we imagine Amanda Holden to not be feeling too happy right now.
Someone who is younger, arguably sexier and fresher than she is has been hired by Cowell to give the third series of the show a boost- similar to the hiring Cheryl Cole to replace Sharon Osbourne, on the X Factor last year, some might say.
We all know how that one worked out, is Cowell hoping for similar success with Kelly? If so, she seems quite an odd choice considering that she hasn’t made a (good) movie in years and is pretty much known now for her love life rather than anything else.
We’ll admit that we were pretty enamoured with her when she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, but since then, all she seems to have done is make-up and break-up with her Hollywood fiance.
Perhaps this is just the break she needs to change people’s perception of her, and to win a place in the nation’s heart. Does she have the ability to become the next Cheryl Cole? We’ll see.
To really weight up the battle of the TV babes, we’ve compared the two leading ladies on their fashion sense, hairstyle, body and personality to see who comes out on top. Let the battle commence…
Round 1: Fashion Sense
Amanda: Where tempted to say- what fashion sense?! but that would be mean. No, Amanda has never been known for being a style queen or trendsetter, but fair play to her, she knows how to dress for her figure and at awards ceremonies, always pulls it out of the bag.
Kelly: Kelly’s been working the retro 50s style for years and has it perfected down to a tee. She’s often described as a girly girl and you can see where this comes from. With her range of playful frocks and peep toe shoes, she’s a style queen in her own right.
Our Verdict: Sorry Amanda, Kelly’s got the edge on you here and we can’t wait to see what fabulous fashion she brings to the show.
Round 2: Hair
Amanda: She’s been through many style changes over the years, but we think her natural style and colour now suits her best. The chocolate brown she had last year was too severe against her skin tone. This year expect to see the blonde bombshell return!
Kelly: She should really have her barnet insured, because it has to be the thickest, most luscious hair we’ve ever seen on a human being. Again teamed with the retro fashion sense, she looks like a modern day Grace Kelly
Our Verdict: Kelly wins this one too, but don’t feel bad Amanda, as we honestly don’t think anyone could beat Kelly’s hair.
Round 3: Body
Amanda: She’s recently lost more weight and has just come back from her honeymoon, so expect her to be glowing with health when she first hits our screens next month.
Kelly: Often described as having the most envied body by women and as having the ideal body by men, we think she’ll have no problem showing off her curves on the hit show.
Our Verdict: We think a well deserved tie is in order for the girls, as both have bodies we would kill for!
Round 4: Personality
Amanda: Well, she has a reputation for getting a bit weepy, which after a while can get on your nerves, but can also be endearing depending on which way you look at it. Again, she was probably a surprise choice for the show in the beginning, but she has become a hit with viewers for her down-to-earth appeal and honesty.
Kelly: Giggly, flirty and fun are perhaps the best words to describe this girl and that will, we’re sure prove annoying at times. We think the giggling and inevitable flirting with Mr Cowell will prove the ultimate turn off in the upcoming weeks.
Our Verdict: Amanda wins this one, but who knows we could be wrong about Kelly on the show, we’ll have to wait and see!
Overall Verdict: Kelly is the champ of this particular test, but what do you think- can she become bigger than Cheryl, will she be a success and does she have the edge over Amanda?
FemaleFirst- Laura Terry


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