How to be Photogenic

March 15, 2009

Do you often avoid your photo being taken or do you always voluntarily choose to click photographs instead of being clicked? If yes, then like many others, you also fear looking bad in photographs. You must have noticed that there are many beautiful people who don’t come out so good in photographs. We generally attribute this to the fact of someone being photogenic and others not. Given below are some tips which can make you photogenic so that you too appear flawless and attractive in your pictures.
To look photogenic, bring your best foot forward. This implies becoming aware of your asset, be it your big round eyes, enchanting smile, or glowing skin with cute dimples, and then highlighting that asset in photographs. No need to be modest here. If you have it, flaunt it as to look photogenic, you must highlight your best features. Along with highlighting your features, take steps to cover up your flaws like dark circles and freckles with makeup.
Dressing well is an important way of making yourself more photogenic. Choose clothes which suit you and fit you the best. Also, be careful in the selection of colors as you should go in for colors which suit your skin the best and which make you glow and shine out. Similarly, never leave your confidence. Carry it wherever you go, even in front of a camera. After all, the camera can very well capture your confidence to portray you in a more photogenic way.
After taking all the above mentioned steps, try out different poses in front of the camera. Doing this is helpful as there are always some poses which come out the best. Also, be natural and real in front of the camera. Display of real emotions is always preferred over a fake smile or a made-up emotion.

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