Bibi Russel shows gamcha collection at Kolkata Fashion Week

April 4, 2009

Bibi Russell showcases her collection first time at ‘Kolkatta Fashion Week’.
This is the first time that I am showing my work in India Fashion Week and I am absolutely thrilled to show in Kolkata Fashion Week. This year has been declared the Year of Natural Fibre, which I am extremely excited about. For the last 15 years, I have been working hard with our weavers and craftspeople to promote our natural fibres. I am doubly honoured, as a Bengali, to participate in the Kolkata Fashion Week, where the focus is on our magical weaves.
I get inspiration for my designs from the people of Bangladesh and the beautiful colours which can be found here, especially in the villages. I also gain a lot of inspiration from going to the villages and seeing the weavers and craftspeople at work.
All my fabrics are hand-woven, and natural. I do not use synthetic materials. The fabrics I use are Khadi, Cotton, Silk, Gamcha, Jute yarn fabric, Tribal fabrics, recycle fabrics and of course the legendary Jamdani, which was once worn only in the royal courts and is still the most highly valued fabric of the country. Read Full Article

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