Shah Rukh Khan gets royal treatment from IIFA organisers

June 30, 2011

There were a lot of stars at the film award function held recently in Toronto, but actor Shah Rukh Khan was given a preferential treatment above everybody else.
While every other actor was lodged in a downtown hotel in Toronto, Khan was put up at the best suite in one of the topmost hotels there.
“He was given the best suite and there was special staff posted for him both for the awards and the hotel. Shah Rukh had also flown in with his own staff and they were all lodged along with him,” says a source.
There was also a special task force formed by the organisers that was supposed to look after Khan exclusively. “There was no brief for them, except to ‘standby and wait for anything that he wants’.
Khanbriefly had some problem with the taps in his bathroom (he later said that he got confused between the hot and cold water taps in the shower) but overall he seemed to have enjoyed the stay,” the source adds.
Though there were some reports that Khan’s knee was bleeding after his performance, a staff member who was also on standby for the actor said that there was nothing as such.
“He was hurt and we had put him on cortisone injections (a kind of steroid to ease the pain) but he was not bleeding because the nature of the injury was internal (in his muscles),” the staff member said.
According to sources, the entire business section of the aircraft was also sealed off when Khan was leaving the venue. “The entire area was sealed off for him and his staff. When he was coming here, there was only Dharmendra (actor) with him. But he left alone after a brief meeting with Priyanka (actress Priyanka Chopra),” the source adds.
Chopra apparently waited for three hours to speak to Khan personally.


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