Legs, Cleavage, Belly Button: Shilpa’s Show… Post Marriage!

February 28, 2010

A show of shapely legs? No hassle! Some cleavage? No issue, if done tastefully. That, incidentally, is Shilpa Shetty’s stance, post her deluxe wedding to Raj Kundra!
“Marriage hasn’t changed a thing,” declares Shilpa. The saucy number in ‘Dostana’ went very well with Raj (“he was whistling!”) and with her father too (“he said if you’re showing off your legs, do it well”). And given this cinematic license, and freedom, Shilpa is pleased as punch.
Besides, she’s also scoring highly as an entrepreneur. Her spa business in Mumbai has taken shape well, and SS is gearing up for a third outlet in a year’s time. Later, Shilpa envisages launching her own signature line of clothing, given her love for designer threads.
Among the international designers, she handpicks Donna Karan, as “her cuts are timeless, and her use of colours is brilliant.”
Bedecked earlier in heavy jewellery, Shilpa asserts that her taste has revamped to a subtle stance. Presently, she’ll sport either a fancy necklace or a gorgeous pair of earrings, not both, surely. A watch, though, is a definite prerequisite on her list. Starry time, what say?

Courtesy of movietalkies.com

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